To think that this concept became a thing and grew because of any one person is crazy. It came about as a sharing of ideas and passion for teaching the game.

In 2014?ish I attended a HS boys game at Stow High School (<1 mile from my home) to watch my friend Matty coach his team, Archbishop Hoban. Talk about right place right time, that night I found out the Stow High School coach was retiring. I discussed it with the boss and -we- submitted our applications to the AD to coach the team.

At the time we were just excited to coach and share what we knew. Sara and I were both experienced players and had just coached girls club togther. We also had two young boys who didn't know what volleyball was, but what if we could create a great high school program, that should they decide to play, they could be part of. Matty helped me understand the boys HS landscape and off we went as the new Stow HS coaches. The first year coaching HS, Mason and Maddox would play football, basketball, soccer, and every other sport but volleyball in the gym during practices. It was not until the next year that they went to the cart, grabbed a volleyball and started peppering on their own.

Between now and then, so much has happened I'd need 3 more websites to capture it all (Spike for Tykes, Stow Bulldogs, EVC). During that time I have encountered many people who have influenced my thinking, but only a select few have been a constant influence.


Matt's come in pairs. Sometimes threes. Mr. Matty Mihelic here has been a volleyball trendsetter and catalyst for some time. Thank you Matty for all of your support. We've really done alot of cool stuff together. So what's next?


Best friend, Boss, Mrs. Coach, Wifey, AKA Sara (no H). She's tolerated my beard, all my crazy ideas, my addiction to hobbies, and been a heck of a coach, but also one fantastic mom.


These guys (are now in High School). #son #nephew #son


The BIVL was not my idea. This guy started it and I stole it! Thank you Sean for being an awesome human being! Love ya brotha!


If I could be more like somebody else, it would be this guy. Thank you Pete for setting the bar higher for all coaches. #GoBuckeyes


When it all comes together. #giveback


These guys have always been an inspiration to be better. #luckydad