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The volleyball experience

Boys Volleyball is the second fatest growing sport in America according to the NFHS data. In the last 4 years, the sport has grown by 12%.

Volleyball has helped shape my life in a very meaningful way. Playing for my high school team was a springboard to learning, social and career opportunities in college and beyond. And it’s not just me. Volleyball has opened doors for just about everyone I know.

Jay Blisten Middletown High School '02
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The opportunity to play high school volleyball changed the path of my life. It led to a college scholarship, and the ability to get a degree from a great university. I was blessed enough to play in 3 NCAA semi final matches and for the past 6 years I have been coaching for a mid major division 1 university. Had I not had boys volleyball at my high school, I am sure that I would not have had the same opportunities. I know that not every kid that plays HS VB will end up playing in college and then going on to coaching college, but I am proof that it is possible if given the chance.

Ben Spurlock Stow Munroe Falls High School '04
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I was finally able to absorb the full impact of volleyball on my life as a graduating senior looking back at my volleyball career. Looking back at my valedictorian speech, I realized that my volleyball teammates, coaches, and experiences pervaded every section of my speech. I am unbelievably thankful that my school offered me the opportunity to fall in love with men’s volleyball, a sport that I will play until I am physically unable to do so.

Tony Dagher Archbishop Alter '16