Spring 4v4 Tournaments April 7 & 14

What is this?

Last spring we ran a 4v4 league for 5th - 8th graders at Elite Sports and it went really well. The kids got a lot of reps and improved over the course of the league. This year we want to do the same, however given we want to keep costs down so we can attract more players to the sport we've opted for 2 tournaments instead of league nights. Both Jackson HS and Hiram College have offered the use of their facilities to host the tournaments. Jackson is hosting April 14 and Hiram April 7. These tournaments will take place in the afternoon/evening. There is no cost to register.


We are creating two grade based divisions just like last year, a 5th & 6th grade division and a 7th & 8th grade division. The 5/6 division will use 12U OVR ruleset and 7/8 will use the 14U OVR ruleset. If you have an exceptional 6th grader, yes they could play up, just as if you had a smaller 7th grader just starting out they could play down. We are asking everyone to use their best judgement. Please do not put us in a position to have to start being strict about age and grade. This opportunity is meant to foster growth of boys volleyball. And yes, not all players need to come from your school district. Again, this is about creating more opportunities for kids to play.

Levels of play

Last year we had a diverse group. Some kids were serving underhand, some kids were jump serving. As you register your teams, let us know if you think they are more advanced (already having experience playing and demonstrate good fundamentals) or are just learning (this is their first or second experience playing). Based on how everyone responds we may or may not create divisions based on experience within each age group.


TBD. There will be a mechanism for grouping like level teams and then getting in as many matches as possible over a 3-4 hour period. Once we know total number of teams and levels of play this will be set.


To register a team, send an email to coach@bulldogsvolleyball.com with number of teams per age group and each teams level of experience. Please do so by the end of this week (March 22).

Right now we have at least:

  • Stow 4 teams (2 5/6, 2 7/8)
  • Kent 2 teams (2 5/6)
  • Jackson 6 teams (3 5/6, 3 7/8)

It's great to seeing growing interest in our area, especially at this age level. If you know other coaches/programs who could field teams, please pass this along to them.